IRATA is a license of industrial rope access widely used in Oil fields, natural gas Off-shore Rigs, architecture and industrial engineerings. IRATA took an initial from full name of Industrial Rope Access Trade Association with the headquarters in the U.K.

Municipal Law

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has revised Labor Safety and Health Act and Regulations for Safety and Health Special Education, concerning implementing Rope Access work at height,holding the worker’s body with a rope to perform building exterior cleaning or slope protection work.
Revised Labor Safety and Health Act taken effect on
on January 1, 2016 (some July 1, 2016)
Regulations for Safety and Health Special Education taken effect on
on July 1, 2016

Works at sea and on ship

Rope access is very successful in the section of the off shore rig and maritime ships for working at height and where practically having difficulty in setting of work stage.

One special case as on a sailing LNG ship, work will be available by Rope Access without needs of staging which is impossible during operating of ship.


We are keeping upgrade our Rope Access technique under IRATA policy of Thorough Training and severe guideline of Manual, and make improvements in both technique and safety.


A-FRAME CRANE - High pressure hydraulic Hose: Replacing and Confirming Work condition
In normal working method, the work will include assembling & disassembling work stage and repeat the staging process if repair work occurs again. By using Rope Access method, all the working time and materials for staging are eliminated and work will be performed strategically.
ROPE ACCESS method is clearly time saving and safe in repairing object at height.


PHOTO Report